Friday, September 23, 2011

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Thanks for visiting my blog. I have moved to bigger and better.  Check out my new website where you can find incredible deals on Usborne and Kane Miller books and find some great advice and ideas of ways to help your kids learn to love to read!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No. 1 Car Spotter

Author: Atinuke
Ages 9 yrs and upKane Miller
$5.99 Themes: Multi-Generational, Africa, Family, Responsibility. Oluwalase Babatunde Benson lives in a small village somewhere in Africa. He's known as "No.1 car spotter" by friends and family because he can identify every make of car that goes by on the busy road that passes the village. Divided into four self-contained chapters, this first in a series by the author of the acclaimed Anna Hibiscus series, chronicles No. 1's everyday adventures, from better serving customers at Mama Coca-Cola's roadside stand to (unwittingly) helping his father find a new job.

Usborne Weekly Literacy Tips

Make your summer road trips more enjoyable with our Usborne activity cards! Keep your kids busy and prevent the dreaded question.....Are we there yet?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Literacy Tip

"It takes 1000 hours of 'lap-time' for young children to have the readiness skills in place to learn to read." --National Institute for Children's Health and Development

"Lap-time" means one-on-one interaction between a parent or caregiver and a child where meaningful language interactions take place. Types of lap-time activities include: talking, singing, rhyming, chanting, and, of course, reading.

20 Birthday Cards to Color

Author: Candice Whatmore
Ages 3 yrs +

See Card Samples

· Each card has an illustration to color, a birthday message and a blank space for children to write their own message.

· The cards come with bright cheery yellow and white striped envelopes.

· Children can color and send the cards - or adults can send them to children to color.

I love these cards, and you really can't get a better price for cards! only fifty cents a card, incredible! I also really like the Christmas ones, what a nice way to add a personal touch to your Christmas Cards by having your children help color the cards for your friends and family. There are thank you cards, too!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Usborne Big Book of Fairy Things to Make and Do

I love doing book shows at people houses, it is my favorite part of my job. Last night I did a show at my good friend's house. Her cousin from out of town was there and was telling us how she left her kids ay home with their dad, and they couldn't figure out why they could not just go back to the airport and get mom, they left her there so she must still be there. Needless to say, she wanted to bring home a present for her kids that missed her so much, and she missed them. And I must say books ready are the way to go, I am glad she saw that, and I didn't have to convince her of that.
Normally, there is a wait time to get books because we have to order them and such, I did explain to her that for only five dollars more she  could have the books shipped directly to her home, but the problem was that she wanted the gifts for her kids to come out of her bags, she wanted them to be gifts from her trip, not the mail. Makes sense. So I worked it out, pulled a few strings, mostly Emily, my up line, came to my rescue and I was able to get the books she wanted before she went home. But it gave me the opportunity to sit and look at one of the books she wanted for her daughter. I had not previously spent a lot of time looking at it before, but it was no disappointment. I LOVED IT. I now want it for my little girl. She would love to sit and do these projects with me, and she would learn so much, using the veins of leaves to make fairy wings-genius! Making dresses from snowflakes, water colors, my daughter would love to make her own fairy wand. What a great book!  So cute! What a great way to keep kids busy over the summer, there are instructions on how to make tiaras and wands they could make their own costume! I loved the idea of cutting flower pictures out from magazines and making a collage of them and then drawing fairies flying amongst the flowers and peering over the tips of them to make a fairy has such great ideas.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer reading

Wondering what you are going to do with your kids this summer? Are you concerned about the backwards movement in your child education during the summer break? Considering summer school? Did you know the purchase of twelve books of your child choice at the beginning if the summer will benefit your child more this summer than summer school? Go ahead let your child choose twelve books, start with a couple now, and then a couple a few weeks later. Let him put his name in it, let him own the book, it el mean more to him. Let her choose the topics, she will love reading them that way. For more information on the research done on this topic you can go read The New York Times article Here .  Be watching for more summer reading ideas and information to come.